Major League

Major League

A value package designed especially for persons 49+!

Our Major League account is specially designed for persons 49 years and older

Persons 49+ form a league, a Major League that has earned the right to receive special privileges and a host of banking benefits. For this reason, we at Republic consider you extra special and have designed the Major League account. As a Major League account holder, you can enjoy our attractive tiered interest rates, the convenience and security of cheques and lots of useful extras!

A joint Major League account can also be opened once one of the account holders is 49+. What's more, once your account is joint with your spouse, he/she can take advantage of the special "Major League" benefits, even if he/she is not 49+.

Interest is accrued on a daily balance, calculated on a daily balance and paid monthly.

Here are the benefits of your Major League account:

A spouse who is a joint account holder qualifies for the account benefits even if under age 49. The account may also be held jointly with a person other than a spouse who is 49, however if the person is under 49 that person does not qualify for the account benefits

Preferential tiered interest rates

Free chequing facilities (customers must pay a ten cents stamp duty)

No service charge on chequing accounts

No service charge on Standing Orders

25% discount on safety deposit boxes (when available)

Commission- free drafts and managers cheques

Special rates on Republic Bank Time Deposits

Special loan packages to Major League customers. Discount and reduced fees on loans

Interest on Republic Bank credit card is reduced by 3%.

Overdraft facilty available upon request and qualification

Free advice on Republic Bank’s investment and pension plans

Enrolment to BARP at age 50 through a free standing order at Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited

Interest Rates Service Fees

Below $1,000 - Nil

$1,000 to $4,999.99 - 0.10%

$5,000 to $14,999 - 0.10%

$15,000 to $49,999.99 - 0.10%

$50,000 to $99,999.99 - 0.10%

$100,000 to $249,999.99 - 0.15%

$250,000 & above - 0.25%

No service fee if a minimum balance of $10,000 is maintained. Should your balance fall below $10,000, a flat monthly fee of $11.01 will apply. Fee is applied monthly on the 27th.

ABM Transactions at other Banks:
  • Approved Cash Withdrawal - $4.00
  • Declined Cash Withdrawal - $1.15
  • Approved Balance Enquiry - $0.58
  • Declined Balance Enquiry - $0.29
Point of Sale Transactions (LINX Purchases) at other Banks merchants/terminals:
  • Approved purchase - $0.25
  • Declined purchase - $0.50
What you will need

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following documents:

New to Republic Bank?

Two (2) forms of Identification
Recent Utility Bill
Proof of Address (Utility Bill, Land Tax Bill, etc.)
Proof of Income (Recent Job letter or Pay Slip)
The required amount to open the account

Existing Republic Bank customer (If Remediated)

Two (2) forms of Identification
The required amount to open the account

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