Republic Bank's EPay, Helps Make Businesses in Barbados safer

Since launching an e-commerce platform, EPAY, in November 2020, Republic Bank Barbados has reported significant interest from local businesses looking to offer their customers a secure online payment solution.

“The EPAY product has been well received in the market since the launch. We have had interest from over 40 customers ranging from SMEs to larger more established businesses”, said Assistant Manager, Card Services, Katrina Haynes.

Haynes highlighted that the feature most attractive to entrepreneurs is the non-website option which allows them to sell goods or services via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, thus avoiding the higher costs associated with website development and mapping."

Set-up takes a minimum of five business days, Haynes further explained, “The beauty of the Republic EPAY product is that our team of Merchant Officers and our Payment Gateway Providers work closely with our Merchants taking them step by step through the process. This helps eliminate any knowledge gaps throughout the onboarding process.”

In sharing his customer experience, Celltronics Ltd.’s Jamar Eastmond said, “The sign-up process was not time consuming, if there were any questions that I was unsure about I could always get in contact with an officer who would offer information that was always helpful. Customer service was excellent. Even though I would have called on many occasions, probably asking similar questions, the agent was still super helpful at all times and never seemed frustrated or annoyed. We at Celltronics are excited about offering our customers an alternate method of obtaining the goods they desire. I would definitely recommend the use of Republic Bank EPAY!”

As Barbados navigates the uncharted waters of Covid-19, the bank sees the greatest selling point of this service as the much needed alternative to face-to-face shopping experiences. Haynes observed, “Business owners have been forced to think outside of the box to develop new ways to ensure customer safety and business continuity in this current environment which made the timing of Republic EPAY to market ideal.”

February 16, 2021
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