Health Minister thanks Republic Bank for donation to COVID-19 Response

The Ministry of Health & Wellness received the remaining $221,516.52 donated by Republic Bank Barbados Limited (RBBL) to aid in the national COVID-19 response.

The sum is the last tranche of the $400,000.00 commitment the Bank recently made. The money will be used to purchase vital equipment and pharmaceuticals. It will also help to finance the work being done by doctors and nurses from Cuba who are providing support to local medical teams. The Bank also facilitated the provision of banking facilities for the Cuban health workers.

Health Minister, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, said: “Republic Bank has been a welcome partner in the national fight against COVID-19. This donation helped to provide medical supplies for frontline workers and patients. The Bank’s actions in the face of these unprecedented circumstances exemplify the power of the social partnership and what can be achieved for the good of the nation when Corporate Barbados works with the Government to assist with societal issues.”

Along with its contribution to the Health Ministry, RBBL continues to provide financial support to various organizations fighting the effects of COVID-19 through its Power to Make a Difference (PMAD) initiative.

RBBL Managing Director and CEO Anthony Clerk said: “Republic Bank is pleased to assist the Government-led efforts as well as community-based initiatives all aimed at fighting against the spread of COVID-19 and assisting the vulnerable in our communities. Through our PMAD initiative, we will continue to stand with our people to face this disease, adjust to the new normal and build our capabilities so we are better and stronger for having gone through this together.”

June 24, 2020
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