Customers Claim Republic Bank Credit Card Rewards

Republic Bank’s Credit Card Co-applicant rewards have been claimed and two diligent customers are now enjoying a bounty of bonus points worth a combined $5000.00

Loyal Republic Bank Customers Brian Tatem and Vicky Blackman were recently presented with their rewards at the Broad Street branch of Republic Bank by Manager of the Card Services Department, Ryan Durant.

Tatem won $2000 in Bonus Points after signing up his wife as co-applicant, while Blackman was rewarded with $3000 in Bonus Points when her name was drawn from customers who were automatically entered when they used their Republic Bank Visa Credit Card.

The presentation followed Republic Bank’s Credit Card Co-applicant promotion which offered two ways to win a bounty of bonus points. Customers became eligible either by adding up to two co-applicants free of charge for the first year to a new or existing credit card, or by spending $500 or more during the promotion.

Both winners expressed their gratitude to Republic Bank, noting that the additional bonus points would be timely for upcoming travel plans.

In offering congratulations to the winners, the Card Services Department Manager said the Bank’s goal was always to reward loyal customers, which was the thinking behind the Republic Bank Bonus Points card.

“Whenever you apply for a Republic Bank personal Visa Credit Card you also get a Republic Bank Bonus Points card which earns Republic Bank Bonus Points every time you shop with your Credit Card. Customers can then redeem their bonus points anywhere our Visa credit cards are accepted in Barbados for rewards like airline tickets on any airline, cruise travel, building supplies, groceries, or anything they choose.”

November 8, 2016
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