Statements FAQs


Statements Questions

Your current e-statement history will be available on your online banking applications up until the conversion.

We recommend downloading and saving six (6) months’ worth of transaction history for your deposit account records. If you would like to access your transaction history after the conversion, simply make a service request at your branch and we will happily assist. For your Credit Card statements you can download the last three (3) month’s statements.

Your statement layout will change slightly. You will now see positive numbers for deposits and negative numbers for withdrawals, where previously you saw Debits & Credits.

• Ensure that all your information (contact, employment, marital status, etc.) is still accurate. If you have any new information or would like to review your current information, please contact us at (246) 227-2700.

• Take note of when the conversion switchover period is taking place. We will keep you informed of these dates and other information throughout the whole process, via email, letters, social media, and our website.

• Download your e-statements. We recommend downloading and saving a year’s worth of statements for your records.

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